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Santa Muerte Oil

Santa Muerte Oil

Item Overview

Legal Disclaimer Sold As Curio

• Handmade item Infused with coconut oil essential oils, and herbs 100% Natural.

• United States shipping guaranteed. All countries may not allow this item to be shipped. 

Item Details


More Details On My SANTA MUERTE OIL:

Santa Muerte is known worldwide as she is sacred figure known also as the “Holy Death.” Santa Muerte is often represented as a skeletal figure and is usually depicted with a globe and scythe. Santa Muerte is not only known to protect her children from death, she is also known for giving aid to her devotees, healing, justice as well as giving second chances. Santa Muerte will also avenge, protect, and defend her devotees. Santa Muerte can also aid in money matters, hex breaking, and road opening. Be sure to never angry her, and always make sure you have the proper offerings for her. Remember this oil can be used to anoint candles, in rituals, it can mixed with other casting herbs, etc.


Ritual oils are not recommended to use on skin. Use on skin at your own risk.

Avoid use during pregnancy.

Do NOT Ingest.
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