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Neptune’s Galaxy 💫 Dreams | Creativity | Intuition | Spiritual Anointing Oil

Neptune’s Galaxy 💫 Dreams | Creativity | Intuition | Spiritual Anointing Oil

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Legal Disclaimer Sold As Curio

• Handmade item Infused with coconut oil essential oils, and herbs 100% Natural.

• United States shipping guaranteed

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More Details On My NEPTUNE OIL


Neptune is the planet of dreams creativity and intuition, which mean when it’s planet is in retro it will heighten your creative and psychic abilities. When I made this oil I wanted my customers to have access to their heightened abilities all year around. Dreams are shifts, when your external body crosses over into the spiritual realm, in my opinion. This is how you receive downloads from the spiritual realm, which includes your ancestors. The knowledge they transcend through this portal allows you to see things before they happen. This oil is the intensifier of just that. When you are able to creative, you are able to build. You could be a writer, you could be a witch, or just a regular person with a dream you want to manifest into this reality. This oil allows you to tap into your creativity so you can deliver your dreams into reality.

This oil is sold as a curio. This oil was made during Neptune Retrograde on JUNE 28, 2022? This oil was charged under the previous FULL CORN MOON on September 10, 2022 when the full moon was at its peak. This oil has been enchanted, and blessed.

All oils are made with specific intentions. Once you receive your oil, you have to feed, and ignite your oil. Set up a sacred place, and make sure that it is cleansed with smudges, and spiritual waters, such as Florida water. Once your area is spiritually cleansed, light 5 white candles, for 7 days to charge your oil. Each day speak your desired intentions over your oil. This must be done on a waxing moon, in order to build and charge the energy of your oil, with your intent. Always be sure to speak your intentions loud and clear, be sure to stand solid in you faith as you are asking your desires to come into fruition. When the Moon is Full, recite your intentions again outside under the full moon if you can, when you are done, blow cigar smoke unto the oil to breathe life into your oil. After this you may set your oil in your sacred space or altar to charge, and you may use it whoever you are ready.

If you are breastfeeding or pregnant we advise that you do not use this oil, as some oils and herbs are harmful to use during pregnancy.

This oil is to be used in a fire proof dish, oil burner, for magical and ritualistic purposes only. Do NOT ingest this oil or it’s contents as it may be hazardous to your help.

This oil contains, sweet almond oil, lavender, and many other sacred herbs and oils. If you are allergic to oils, or herbs we recommend you check with your doctor before using this oil.

Do NOT place oil directly on skin.


    Retrograde made oil

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