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Evil Eye Protection Candle 🪬🕯

Evil Eye Protection Candle 🪬🕯

Need some protection from, the evil eye? Well now you can have, my recipe right in your home to help ward evil away. This candles is meant to help give you protection, from harm that may have been sent to you, by an enemy. If you have been feeling like you need some extra protection, this will help you. Always remember, that you should do a reading to clarify what is going on in your situation. The reading will also help you in understanding what all needs to be done in your situation. If you are being hit by very strong baleful magic, it’s best to contact us directly so we can get you some spellwurk going to remove, whatever is surrounding you. Don’t worry, anytime we do spellwurk for a client, the reading, is free, as we have to see, what is going on before we even approach any rituals.

If this is your case, please text or call the number below.

Text is better because we may be on the line with other clients. When you text the messages is dispatched to an available spiritualist who can help you directly.

Phone 850-846-5222


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