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Freedom Depression Free Vegan Body Wash

Freedom Depression Free Vegan Body Wash

Depression is not easy, in fact most people hide their depression. They cover up how they really feel, by saying “ I’m fine, or Everything’s fine. Sometimes this is because people rather heal on their own, or they don’t care to talk about what’s bothering them, among a list of other reasons. If you suffer from depression I ask that you reach out to someone, anyone, yes even me, because you do not have to go through this alone. I created this product to help those with depression, as I have helped, myself, and my clients, family, and a host of others. I extend this help to you, and I hope it helps you. This Wash alone will not help. Finding a supportive coach to guide you, and working towards healing your trauma will help you live a depression free life. This Wash is 50% of what helps you recover from water, trauma, you are feeling. This bath helps, by uplifting your aura, washing away any negative and toxic energies, and it has a calming formula to lessen your anxiety levels. Coupled with other products, it will bring the change in your life you need.

Check with your physician before using this product.

This vegan product is natural and handmade. It is made with natural, herbs, and flowers. The color may vary by bottle.

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