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Baron Samedi Communication Candle & Oil Set

Baron Samedi Communication Candle & Oil Set


Welcome to the Realm of the undead, and the unknown. Have you been given the pass to walk through the veil? Baron Samedi grants either life or death. It is he you meet after Legba. After all, Legba is the one, with the keys to the other realms. He is the one who opens, and closes doors, it is Legba who also opens and closes the paths. You will not speak, to the Loa/law or the spirits without Legba, as he must grant it before it is so.

This candle was made, to serve as an altar candle for Baron Samedi. This candle should be lit anytime you are connecting or working with Baron. This candle does not come with offerings, nor does it come with the Legba Candle. You will need to purchase a Legba Candle, as Legba is the Guardian of the Crossroads. Traditionally you go to Legba first before attempting to communicate with any Loa/Lwa Spirits, as he is the one who takes your prayers to them.

How this Works

Before you try to do a ritual with any spirit, establish and build a connection to that spirit. Building a relationship is not only important, but essential. If you were a spiritual being would you help everyone who ask you to turn them into a millionaire? Without them properly acknowledging you? Exactly, the spirits will not do this either. In fact if rituals are not correctly, if relationships with the spirits is not built first. Things can actually go terribly wrong. Why did I put this here? Well because I want you to understand how to properly use a product before you buy it. Never get hung up on trying to use, a Deity, God, Spirit, Angel, Etc for their benefits. They can respond to being disrespected in various ways, and it’s not worth the risk. So please make sure you are being respectful, mindful, and again building that relationship.

How to Build A Relationship With Spiritual Beings

Talk to them daily

Buy things for their altar

Bring them offerings, on their day of the week.

Wear their colors, on their day of the week.

Ask them to lead and guide you in building a connection with them.

Thank them and so gratitude for the things they have done.

Be consistent

Keep their altar space clean, and be sure to not let anyone touch it.

These are just a few simple ways. Research and having a mentor to guide you will help as well in building positive relationships with spiritual beings correctly.

Disclaimer: This product is sold as a curio and should not be ingested. This product should only be used in magical and spiritual workings. We are not liable f you use this item incorrectly.

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