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This full moon in Leo 🌕will have you feeling yourself♥️. Maybe it’s that new outfit you wore today, or the perfume/cologne, or it’s the feeling of knowing everything is working out how it should. 😇The energy of positivity is showering you, so you may just be sharing this energy with others as well. You may decide to do some online shopping or traditional shopping today🛍️. This is highly recommended because it’s a form of self care.💫 Some of you have big plans for the weekend, so you’re promoted to looking your best.

You will feel strong and powerful just like the lion, 🦁 ♌️that represents Leo. You may even catch yourself sitting back and observing things today. Some of you are surveying the relationships in your life, and you are reaching out to people you haven’t talked to in awhile, due to your busy schedule🤗. On the other hand, for some of you your distance comes from being in hermit mode. It’s okay for you to take time to yourself, and relearn who you are. ✨You’ve taken this time to review your goals and set your plans in order. This is helping you career wise because you’ve become more productive 🦋and focused on your future.

This is a time of reinventing yourself and your brand. 🥳All signs point to success as the universe and the divine shine their light on your future. Ideas are flowing to you easy and freely. 😊You are questioning if you should wait to do something the answer is no. Continue with everything just as you planned, and the outcome is going to be better than you expected. Some of you may find out you pregnant🌈, this could be during a doctors visit, taking a home pregnancy test, due to you realizing the symptoms. Everything you’ve been through has brought you to this moment. ☺️Breathe deeply and be happy. Your prayers have been answered. #thebrujaslair




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