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Energy Shift

I know this post may be late for some of you depending where you live but I have to get this out so you guys all know what’s going on with this crazy energy everyone is experiencing. I have been on the phone with clients all day & after this I have to get back to my wurk. So I’m going to give a brief description & a solution for what you guys are experiencing..


What’s happening is what I call THE SHOWDOWN, this energy is doing so much right now, it’s revealing people for who they are & your enemies know they do not stand a chance against you so they are pulling out all they have to stop you from being who you want, doing what you want etc.


It’s time to put up or shut up right now. It’s time to think like you are playing chess and remove your enemies off the board without them removing any piece of you. Don’t give in to the wrong parts of this energy, be smart. It’s time to take everything you have learned and use it as a tool to fight. If it’s work you need done, you better wurk that shit, because your enemies are on your tail because they know they are losing.


This is not the time to be lazy, if you don’t handle your business right now, the come back from this will take much longer than it has before. Now is the time to fight for everything you want, this is not the time to give up, cry, woe is me, I can’t and all that negative talk your feed yourself. This is the time to stand side by side with your shadow nature and show them the beast you are.


In order to fight you have to be in complete alignment with every level, personally, chakra, etc within you, so you do not fall or stumble. You have to be completely grounded and firm like a mountain you cannot be moved. You have to have the mind to fight this until everything is in your favor, you have to fight with every inch of you to beat this. This is how you win this battle.


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