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Ancestor Communication

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Everyone in the program will get a badge when the program ends.


Anyone looking to communicate with their Ancestors, needs to learn the proper way of doing so. With all the information online, including the opinions of those in groups, it may be very overwhelming and or frustrating. No matter how many times you feel that you have run into a dead end, or you have absolutely no one to help you are guide you, remember you always have had your Ancestors, it just takes a little time, patience, and understanding. The spirits require certain offerings, and many other things. Learning the proper way to communicate with your Ancestors, can help you achieve the gold of having a concrete relationship with them. Ancestors are here to do so much for us, they protect us from harm, they give us warnings, they download information to us to help us on our journeys and so much more. This class is designed to teach you how to properly give offerings to your Ancestors, how to communicate with your Ancestors properly, how you work with your Ancestors and so much more. This class is designed to be for 3 months, however there are also other options available for this class. You can choose self paced, or you can choose to stay in the class and learn as much as you can about working with your Ancestors. Overall This class covers how to create a altar for your loved ones, how to channel your ancestors, how to get them to help you on the other side, how to work with them through dreamwork, how to pull them out of realms they may be trapped in and so much more

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