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Welcome to my sanctuary, of abundant energy, positive frequencies, where the balance of Ying and Yang energies meet interior health, on a spiritual level. Let's talk about interior health, my views of health are focused on invoking positive vibrations, energy, healthy diet, healthy thinking, healthy spending, healthy sociality, healthy relationships and emotions, among many other healthy habits of course. These are all the basis of self care wrapped in the process of healing your organic life. Currently, you may be vibrating on a frequency that is disruptive to your energy. When that happens you make a lot of unhealthy choices. In order to fix your life you have to fix your frequency, I'm sure you've heard there are a hertz sound levels for everything when it comes to binary beats., and changing your frequency. If you haven’t, and this is the first time your hearing of this. Definitely look into binary beats they will change your life. Believe it or not, your energy runs off similar frequencies and when they are imbalanced, toxins begin to find their way into your energy. If you want to be healthy, you have to make healthy choices, and this goes beyond food. This is all about being healthy with your subconscious as well as your higher consciousness, so you can break through the toxins that are controlling your life. This program teaches you just how to do that on a level and pace that fits your individual needs. Or programs are flexible, to fit your everyday lifestyle

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