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Witchology 101 Freshman|Beginner Witchology Course

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Witchology 101 is for the Freshman/Beginner Baby Witch who is need of learning all the witchy basics. If you have been out of your practice for a while, feel free to take this course. This course is designed to teach you how to make oils, incense, candles, create altars, educating scholars on the various types of witches, witchcraft, magic, practices, religions, as well as how to enchant and consecrate items, tools, sacred space, how to draw and reverse energy, how to bind and banish, how to properly cast spells that work, healing, stopping mental and psychic attacks, how to find and work with your element, spiritual animals, ancestors and so much more. This class is the foundation to everything you have been searching for. If you are looking to build up your knowledge in a way to advance your life spirituality this is definitely the class for you. If you have a busy schedule, don’t worry. This class and others are designed with the client first in mind. At THE BRUJAS LAiR we allow you to pick the 2 class days & times out the week that is best for you. If you like to work by yourself that’s fine too, we offer full and private classes so everyone is in an environment that is best for them. You’ve been asking the Universe to guide you in the right direction and now you have a chance to began that journey. In an environment that doesn’t break your pockets, and one free from judgement. For more information on this class or others, please contact use directly Thank You

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