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Saturn’s Key To Success | Retro Oil

Saturn’s Key To Success | Retro Oil

Intention: Structure| Boundaries

You can’t have success, without structure and boundaries. Saturn is known for many things. Saturn rules wealth, longevity, achievement and more. Saturn likes to focus on structure, because it seeks to build foundations that will produce generational success. (When Jupiter is in retro along with Saturn, Jupiters speed can /does accelerate Saturn’s intent.) When Saturn is in retro it works even harder in your favor. During its retrograde you may notice that you become more at peace with, cutting off the world and focusing on what you are trying to build. Saturn pushes you to put up boundaries, so that you are not used by those who truly don’t have good intentions. Think back to all those times you asked the universe, your spiritual team, ancestors etc for a change in your career so you can be financially stable. Well they heard you, but they have to remove all the people who are not meant to receive these blessings.

Setting boundaries can be very hard, especially when you have to set boundaries for yourself. But without boundaries there is no structure, and if there is no structure. Then you will have nothing to fall back on. This oil can be used to draw in the intent, and power of Saturn, to aid you in working towards a successful future, that allows you to be finanical secure.

This oil is sold as a curio. This oil was made during the current Saturn’s Retrograde which started on June 04, 2022 . This oil was charged under the previous FULL CORN MOON on September 10, 2022 when the full moon was at its peak. This oil has been enchanted, and blessed.

Saturn’s Details: The day of the week for Saturn is Saturday, be sure to begin the below ritual on a Saturday for best results. (Example you package is delivered on a Tuesday. Prep for your ritual by gathering all the things you need. These things are you tools for your upcoming ritual. Be sure to download a moon phase calendar so that you can keep up with the moons phases. The moon will need to be in the waxing phase for you to start.

All oils are made with specific intentions. Once you receive your oil, you have to feed, and ignite your oil. Set up a sacred place, and make sure that it is cleansed with smudges, and spiritual waters, such as Florida water. Once your area is spiritually cleansed, light 5 white candles, for 7 days to charge your oil. Each day speak your desired intentions over your oil. This must be done on a waxing moon, in order to build and charge the energy of your oil, with your intent. Always be sure to speak your intentions loud and clear, be sure to stand solid in you faith as you are asking your desires to come into fruition. When the Moon is Full, recite your intentions again outside under the full moon if you can, when you are done, blow cigar smoke unto the oil to breathe life into your oil. After this you may set your oil in your sacred space or altar to charge, and you may use it whoever you are ready.

If you are breastfeeding or pregnant we advise that you do not use this oil, as some oils and herbs are harmful to use during pregnancy.

This oil is to be used in a fire proof dish, oil burner, for magical and ritualistic purposes only. Do NOT ingest this oil or it’s contents as it may be hazardous to your help.

This oil contains, sweet almond oil, lavender, and many other sacred herbs and oils. If you are allergic to oils, or herbs we recommend you check with your doctor before using this oil.

Do NOT place oil directly on skin.

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