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Your Relationship With The Spirits Matter

During the Thinning Of The Veil I hope that your Connection to you Ancestors gets stronger and the messages get Clearer. It’s highly essential that you work with your Ancestors & Spiritual Guides first. Building a relationship with the spirits you plan to work with is very serious. You can give them offerings, speak to them, build their altars, and so many other things. In spirituality relationships are important. I see so many people working with Spirits, Gods, Orishas, Loas etc just to achieve a personal goal. Without respecting, honoring, or even understanding the deity they are working with. It is not a good idea to use spirits just for gain. Remember they always know your true intentions, it can’t be hidden from them, and they are not friendly when they have been mistreated. When you start off and continue respecting the spirits you have better outcomes. Always keep positive relationships with them, and trust me you will be fine.


I post these things so others can learn and benefit from this knowledge. Many of these things I have learned myself or watch others make the mistake, and I learned from it. My platform is expanding so I will be putting this information into my book, I have been working on since forever lol, as well as my YouTube Channel and of course in my classes. I hope you guys have an amazing day & I hope this information has helped you💫✨

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