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Thoughts of An Hëïrëss

There are so many ways to shift your perception of what you are going through. Everything is really not what it seems when you look at things from a different view. When you are going through it and I really mean going through it. It’s time to focus on why this is happening, ask yourself, how can I fix this, how can I be honest with myself about what’s going on, how can I deal with this energy in a positive way. When things happen of course they make us mad, sad, and sometimes depressed and that okay because we are human. But that doesn’t mean you have to live in that energy. True strength comes from not living in that situation, not letting it control you, consume you, or rule your emotions. When you make emotional decisions it only makes things worse. The process is not easy but it’s a process because it takes time. It’s not something you can rush through. We have all been there but you have to pull yourself up or you will keep reliving the same cycle.


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This was what I needed to read now. Thank u!

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