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This is funny, but it’s a lot of truth to this too. Because some of you are only toxic because you guys have not healed from your past traumas. Healing is highly essential, for you and those around you, your hurt can hurt others too.


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Miembro desconocido
23 ago 2021

You're always so right! Healing from past traumas (of any sort) can be so difficult! Lots of us just push it so far back/down that it's like it never happened...but it's still there...festering like a sickness and waiting for us to acknowledge what we went through (or still go through) and how to heal from it. Traumas come in all shapes and sizes, caused by ppl or events, but WE are the only ones that can heal ourselves! Our pain/hurt can and absolutely does hurt other--even if we don't realize it, ask the ppl around you...they'll tell you how it's affected them...b/c it effects us so much, even when we don't see or realize it. Healing and processing is hard…

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