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♓️ Full Moon & Astrological Alignments ♈️

While you guys are doing your last minute preparations for the Full Moon. Some of you guys may feel insecure about expressing your emotions properly. This is only temporary because of the shift with Venus & Chiron. So don’t let this energy mess up you day. Do something positive that’s the opposite of the energy you are feeling like working out, listen to music, cook your favorite food, anything that makes you feel happy and secure.


Mercury trines Jupiter later in the day which will boost your confidence as well as your faith. This would be the perfect time to work on anything that enhances your future. This would be the perfect energy to work on your business projects, working in your garden, setting some affirmations, and goals for your life. You might also receive some good news today, regarding something you really need or want.


It’s important to remember that the Full Moon started in Pisces which is a water sign, so it’s normal for you guys to be into your emotions part of the day. However the moon will shift into Aries later today which will give you the power you need to focus on you. This alignment is forcing you to work through your spiritual needs, rather than put them off. Neptune is working along with these energies and bringing dreams that may have you feeling some type of way because you are not sure how to interpret them. Make sure you are writing your dreams down. They will be keys to doors that come next.


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