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Can you guys do me a favor? Respect the process. It’s okay not to have it all figured out, it’s okay not to know where to go on your journey, it’s okay to not know what spirituality looks like. But please stop expecting these spiritualist to be your friends. Social media titles should hold no weight in your life unless you know with out a shadow of a doubt you can trust that person(s). Stop meeting up with these people and you do not know them or their intentions. These people could be setting you up to strip your powers. Don’t let them touch your Ashe. I understand you want more spiritual friends but don’t forget social media is where false prophets prey on the weak, those who don’t understand and have no guidance. Results do exist, things do get better but if they haven’t the person(s) you are working with may not be who they say they are. In my spiritual house we don’t go door to door like missionaries asking people to work with us, we let people come to us. When people are quick to hop in your inbox, watch them. Also watch the people and videos you are sharing. Everyone with Mambo or Houngan in front of their name with their head wrapped is not always who they claim to be. Your ancestors can talk to you directly, so will deities, Loa, Orishas Angels etc don’t let these people lie to you and tell you, you can only communicate with deities through them. You may need guidance, but if the spirits are already communicating with you, then don’t put a middle man between your relationship with them. #Awareness

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